Safe Technical Bridges provides various solutions in the field of networking which are..

Technical bridges safe to deal with organizations Saudi cadres technical qualification with multiple expertise and skills in the latest technical areas. And providing technical solutions and technical consultation with the leader in the field of IT global companies. And lasting alliance with our customers in the field of information technology on the basis of fully meet their needs, and enhance the level of service and the ability they have. And develop joint plans of action, which aims to raise the level of productivity in organizations and the speed of the tasks and the business and the development of human resources by completing a joint action strategy with the client to meet future ambitions and achieve goals..

Supply, installation and testing of fiber optic cable networks services inside and outside buildings and the external wiring to connect between buildings and points of services and requires the civil works.

- Information processing centers of the field survey, design, and supply and installation of Reaized Floor and accessories and cabling under the floor and fence installation cabling and implementation requires that civil and electrical works
- Power generation devices uninterruptible (UPS)
- Altaatkiev devices and environmental control system
- Processing and installation of network cabinets
- Installation of network servers and dispensers
- The installation of operating systems and work settings

Design, installation and commissioning services for internal and external network units (WiFi) and implement what it requires of civil works and electrical in the roofs of buildings sites of towers and antennas and poles pregnant cables and pipes and electricity cables. So as to provide various telecommunications services and uses of homes and corporate offices, commercial complexes, residential, hospitals and meeting rooms.

Audio and visual communication services via the network protocol and this will contribute to save costs, and achieve competitive, increase employee productivity and improve performance and customer service.
Based on our understanding of the productivity of the important solutions for video conferencing to various bodies and educational settings, and applications of health care and benefits, small and large enterprises and government agencies, provide installation and implementation of video conferencing, which is working for you in the conference and office facilities solutions and classroom services and meets the needs of any meeting room of the small offices to the big halls