Project Management

Administration intended to convert the input to the output of information and ability. A process that does not end, but the end of the proceedings of the company or organization that the management activities. The management organizations and corporate management is a process that does not end, there is no time frame determines when to stop. Management and care in general to organize the resources used in the production of outputs. The administration has the functions of five well-known and is planning, organizing, staffing, direction and oversight. And are these jobs in order to achieve organizational objectives at the tactical and strategic term. You must know first project, what is the difference between him and the institution. The project is a collection interrelated activities and the beginning of its end. And project management consists of five main steps and called "Project Life Cycle".

Project Management Life Cycle

Start-up Phase


That identifies general ideas for the project

The planning stage


Where the project path required for each activity and resource planning

Implementation Phase


implementation of project activities which are planned by the project

Monitoring and Control


Where control of project activities and evaluation of the project complete

Termination Phase


Where are closing accounts and activities of the project and ensure the achievement of the desired objective of the project