STB provides a high quality integrated security comprising of CCTV surveillance , access control and Intrusion Detection Systems..

It Means of information security to keep your information under the direct and complete your control, in other words, can not gain access to it by anyone else without your permission, and be aware of the risks arising from allowing someone access to your private information. We are pleased at the technical bridges safe company to provide appropriate solutions with specialized in information security by encrypting the data for domestic and overseas networks and uses of Web and e-mail companies.

In the fields of computer science, firewall (Firewall) is a device or program separates reliable areas in the computer networks, and have a custom tool or program on another computer, which in turn control their operations with the network refuses or only allows the passage of the program, according to certain rules .

This system provides Login time and date, and remote control and meet the control and a wide range of needs of systems, whether that was the control door and one or several doors in multiple buildings, and using the latest technology devices (smart card, fingerprint) and provide reliability, productivity, and improve the functionality of control. and integrated with surveillance cameras in mobile and fixed logging events inside and outside buildings, including information centers, shops, hotels, schools, government facility and refer to it in times of need.

Installation of all types of fire protection systems and notification systems, as the provision of security and protection for data centers and infrastructure of the priorities of security in the world.