The purpose of the use of UPS:

The main objective of this device is to maintain the continuity of electric power and the supply of electricity without any interruption and when the source stream interruption, and for a limited Device. All UPS time Includes special batteries that provide backup power to your system in the event of a power failure so protects the loss of information unexpected.

Among the benefits of all UPS:

  • Open files are stored

  • The working principle of the electricity generator backup

  • Closure order easily and regularly

  • Provide additional protection for the organs of power fluctuation

  • Conversion time when the power is zero

  • Ensure the provision of high-quality electric clock source

All UPS device can be connected to computers, files servers, workstations and others. It is also used in existing equipment to high-quality computer and electronic devices in industry and services that need to be electrical energy sector uninterrupted. The relationship between the generator and a UPS al panel where it all ATS when the power is all UPS device to operate automatically and the feed necessary parts such as computers, and at the end of all UPS batteries based panel ATS giving birth signal begins to work.